REPRODUCTIONS  Pisano tiles · Seville 16th century

The flat surface or Pisano tile was introduce into Seville by Francisco Niculoso Pisano,  who arrived to Seville in the last decade of the 15th century.

Technically, its a lead glaze to which mineral oxides has been added, making the glaze opaque for a solid plane colour and thus an ideal ground for painting.

This revolutionary technique and decoration, that allows potters from Seville to mix up colors, should make him famous in a short time.

The secret of his artistic innovation was to place the undecorated tiles in a vertical flat panel, painting on them the scene of the theme as if it were a single picture, needing no more than introduce the pieces into the kiln to vitrify.

The ceramics we make as reproductions are hand-painted, taking care with the colour and finish thus obtaining an antique look.

 Our artists specialise in the recovery and use of old, traditional methods and have an extensive historical and artistic archive.